Send me to Space Camp.

Why hasn’t anyone made Space Camp for adults yet? If I find out one exists, expect a link to my Kickstarter in your Inbox shortly thereafter.

I think the stars and the galaxies and planets and the moon and everything in the night sky is by far the coolest thing we get to experience as humans, without even asking for it. It’s just given to us. Boom, you’re born, and suddenly there’s a flaming hot super old star welcoming you to the planet.

I’ve always “liked” space, but I don’t think my full nerdly obsession and enamoration became quite as strong until I moved to Colorado. I’m always convincing people that this is the best place on earth (it is), so if/when you visit, do this: drive into the mountains, take in your glorious surroundings as you do, grab yourself a nice bottle of wine, find a cozy seat (hammocks are highly recommended) outdoors and enjoy a simply spectacular sunset. Then, keep drinking and wait for the pitch black darkness to arrive. Now, look up.

Stars in the middle of nowhere, away from city lights, are unlike anything else. There are more of them than you’d ever expect to see, and silly enough, it always makes me think of an Incubus lyric, “The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it.” It does though. Or as if someone took a black sheet, covered the sky and stuck millions of white Christmas lights through it.

Many a camping trip this summer has been spent with our chairs circling the campfire, all of our heads looking up, in awe of the majestic sky above us. One trip in particular granted us a bevy of shooting stars, which was way too awesome, and just reiterated the infinite unknowing amazingness of the galaxy above.

Stargazers and sky-adorers have been spoiled the past few months, as there was the Blood Moon in April (which I stayed awake and watched, swaddled in my down comforter on a lawn chair, causing a super sleepy next day but it was SO WORTH IT) and there have been two spectacular Super Moons. Tonight’s Harvest Moon actually qualifies as a Super Moon as well, because it turns full less than one day after the moon reaches its closest point to Earth for the month.

Though this Super Harvest Moon falls short of the actual beginning of autumn (9/22) there’s been a chill in the mornings for the past week or so, as if Labor Day hit and the earth took a cue to speed up the make-it-feel-like-fall process.

I’m a sucker for traditions, which is probably why I always like the changing of the seasons so much. And while Winter, Spring and Summer all bring their own wonderful traits, fall is most certainly my favorite. The crispness in the air, the ever-lingering smell of fireplaces burning, the leaves bursting into colors all around…what’s not to love?

Needless to say, tonight’s combination of the skies doing their wonderous ole thing with the welcoming of autumn makes me especially excited. So this evening, find yourself a rooftop or a blanket in the grass, gaze on up and realize just how small we all are in this crazy world, and welcome the Harvest Moon.


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