I’m Outta Control Over Here

Three posts in one day? It’s as if someone smacked me upside the head with this blog and held a switchblade to my throat and told me to produce content or else take one last look at the world and bid everything I know and love a sweet farewell.

That was a wee bit dramatic, huh?

HELLO PALS. We’re gonna classify all of you as friends, because if you’re taking the time to read this silly little thing, why then stop on by for a glass of wine or ten and let’s catch up for hours on end.

Really though, the right brain awoke refreshed and ready to greet the day today…as in, let’s never get out of pajamas and make brunch at home then listen to great playlists and sip on seasonal beers and read lots of delicious recipes and scour blogs and crack open the windows and do all kinds of creative things with all the day. And be especially, especially lazy.


If you had told me four years ago that sleeping in on both Saturday AND Sunday of a weekend would feel this good, I would’ve laughed in your face and thrown a, “Duh” your way, as that’s something I used to do regularly. I now wake up sans alarm ready to greet the weekend at the ripe hour of 7AM and in those not-so-groggy, wide-awake-ready-to-go moments I’ve never disliked adulthood more.

But this weekend, I intentionally set no alarms, turned my phone over after the early AM peek at the time, and sunk back into a deep uninterrupted sleep that found me still in my bed at 11ish. Glorious glorious glorious.

The beauty of our new humble abode in Cap Hill is that it’s 128.96% ours. No one elses. It doesn’t require pants, doing the dishes daily, or wondering if someone is going to walk in and crash your couch party. The only requirement is to make room on the sofa and pour the prior occupant another glass of wine. And maybe bring them a snack.

It’s covered in knick knacks and random pieces of art and tends to have pieces of clothes drying on various pieces of furniture regularly due to dryers that only like to dry all of your loads sometimes. But even that is a-okay, because it finally feels like a home that’s home-y and lived in and welcoming to endless visitors.

Speaking of visitors, I realized a few weeks back that I was making almost-end-of-2014 resolutions and/or goals, with number one being: make more of an effort to go see those people whom I cherish the most. I’ve had so many lovely humans venture to me since moving to Denver and it’s time I return the favor.

So, the second weekend of October will be spent in Pittsburgh for my beautiful cousin’s wedding, and it’s also doubling as a family reunion, with all eight kids and all the grandkids and great grandkids flying in. My heart is bursting just thinking of how wonderful it’s going to be. Two weeks later I’m off to Indianapolis to watch FSU play Louisville in Louisville with my very best friend and a gang of other wonderful folks. Then back to Florida for Christmas with all those people I just want to squeeze when I’m around them, and potentially a 26th birthday weekend with my long lost loves in my former #1 city…yes you, New York. When the flights are under $300 and you’ve suddenly embraced a life-is-too-short, why not(!!) mentality it looks more and more like MLK weekend will be spend celebrating in the city with my pals. I’ll be smiling, my bank account will be cringing, a good time will be had by all.

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m still loving this life out here. Somehow it’ll be two years of Colorado livin’ come January, and it’s flown by, and it’s still just the best. My heart is the happiest.

Keep on keepin’ on with your bad selves,


(Is that weird? That I’m suddenly signing this as if it’s a letter or a diary entry? Whatever, XOXO, Gossip Girl will always be my default signature. If it’s not weird for GG, it’s def not too weird for me.)


3 thoughts on “I’m Outta Control Over Here

  1. Oh my word, I just came across your blog because I’m moving to Denver in about 3 weeks and wanted to make sure I was making the right decision so I’m knee deep in blogs. Oh geez I am most definitely making the right choice! I feel like we are friends! Ill bring the wine!! Have a happy new year!!

  2. Wow. We are moving from Long Island to Denver in less than six months. I don’t have any jobs lines up but I’m confident I will find something when we visit in October before our move in December. Reading this… I cannot tell you how warm it made my heart. We are ready to start our life, or really, a better life. We’ve looked at a bunch of cities but I’ve always had an affinity for Denver and Colorado as a whole. She realized how magnificent it is as well. We can’t wait to feel what you feel. We are looking at neighborhoods and jobs right now but again, I don’t doubt we will find either. Each week, we smile a little wider, and our eyes open a little wider in anticipation for December.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions, I would love to hear them.

    Cheers and keep living that wonderful life.

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