I’ve focused on myself my whole life. I’m worried about getting hurt, but no more than most. Some strangers are smoking hot. What is love anyway? I have plenty of time. Los Angeles is full of men and women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, and those men and women populate every restaurant and yoga class and dog park in my life.

Putting yourself out there? It’s always scary, no matter the circumstance.

Some words are kept locked away, some are written into journals or diaries, some are spoken to any ear that will listen, and then, some others make their way onto the world wide web. It’s always comforting when you read some words that someone else has written, identify with the piece, then silently thank a stranger for “getting” it.

That being said, it’s also sometimes uncomfortable to relate to said writing, but you know what? Bring on the discomfort. Insert some quote about that causing growth and discovering your true self and all that jazz here. So: read this.

Cheers and thanks, Ali in LA, from Allie in Denver. And Bon Iver just came on Spotify shuffle to make everything just tie together full circle.


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